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Chances are if you are reading this article, you are keenly aware of the vast array of gas saver products being hyped on the internet. You probably already know about the “Vortex Generators”, the pills in the gas tank, the magnets that go on the fuel line and a whole host of others. So, with all the hype, I can understand how you are skeptical about any claims of a device increasing your fuel economy and boosting torque and horsepower. You’ve got to see some real numbers to be convinced.

Fuel saving devices like Hypertech Power Programmers provide users with measurable savings in fuel as well as verifiable increases in horsepower and torque. Now I’m not saying all tuners and
programmers are the silver bullet for performance increase. My opinion is that Hypertech Tuners do what they claim to do.

There are numerous brands of performance programmers out there that make a lot of wild claims about increasing performance and fuel economy. With all the hype, how do you separate fact from fiction?

Here is the best way: Go buy and use the Hypertech Max Energy Programmer. It can’t get more simple than that.

Just look at the facts and ignore all the hype.

Fact: Your Hypertech Power Chip will unleash up to 176 hp for diesel engines beyond stock settings.

Check out these additional facts:

1. Gas engines may have an increase up to 57 Horsepower.

2. Tested vehicles saw gains between 1.5 mpg and 6 mpg in fuel economy.

3. Engineered to keep damaging temps low without decreasing power by starving your engine for fuel.

4. Optimizes transmission settings to keep your vehicle in the correct gear at all times, no matter what the driving conditions.

5. Makes speedometer and odometer settings correct for tires
as large as 54 inches in diameter.

6. Programmer may be used to read and reset engine trouble codes and turn off that “check engine” light.

7. Installs programming in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Your Hypertech Tuner is covered with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer!

You can spend hours and hours researching programmers and tuners. There are at least 11 different companies that we know about. Since you are reading an article on tuners, you probably already know the science and engineering surrounding
Hypertech Tuners. You won’t find a tuner that provides better performance and torque increase than Hypertech Tuners and you won’t find one you will be more happy with. The only way to know the truth is to buy one and see how it works for yourself.

And, if I were you, I wouldn’t be afraid to pull the trigger on one. So, it would be hard to go wrong with a Hypertech Tuner.  The numbers are good.  The customer support is good.  The reputation of the company is outstanding.

Bottom line: It’s easy to separate fact from fiction.  Hypertech Tuners are the real deal.  Not internet hype.

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